3 Killer Reasons to Use Ball Chair for Office


Today I will try to give you some reasons to stop using chair and start using it to sit ball chair for office, yes, Fitball, that huge medicine ball that is used in Pilates classes and that now also begins to be used in classes of core. There are reasons, yourself if you want to apply it or not, my advice, do it now. Due to instability of pelta, body needs to balance in it. Perfect posture is, coincidentally, best way to balance yourself. Therefore, body will automatically try to align itself in correct posture. This improves health of spine, and prevents back pain.

A ball chair for office will keep us from changing continuously. For example, if we rotate 45 degrees to answer phone, our body will assume a new position. This helps reduce damage caused by sitting in same position for a long time. You can perform stretching or mini-exercises whenever you want, without even getting up. If we have to wait a minute or two for something, we can make productive use of that time with a quick stretch.

Using a ball chair for office, will keep blood flowing through all parts of body, throughout day. A desk chair, on other hand, reduces circulation. It has been proven that being in same position will tire us more, while being in motion will give us more energy. With a medicine ball as a chair, we will feel more energized after finishing work.

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